Residents are organ donor by default

Residents are organ donor by default

A new law, in force as off July 1st of 2020, makes all residents a potential donor of organs and tissues after their death. A new donor register records by default for all residents, 18 years and older: ‘No objection against donation’

Residents can opt out, however, or accept being a donor, but only with specific limitations and conditions.


This applies also to internationals that are residents of the Netherlands, if they

  • are registered in a Dutch municipality
  • have been living in the Netherlands for 3 years or more

Before registration you will receive a letter, that informs you of your registration and invites you to register your preferences.

We advise you to register your preferences, even if you have not yet been in the Netherlands for 3 years. If you are not registered, it is possible that after your death your spouse, partner or close family member will be asked to approve you being a donor. They may not be aware of your preferences or maybe you don’t want to leave this decision to them.

You can always change your preferences.


You can indicate your preferences as follows:

  • Yes, I want to become a donor.
    You can choose which organs and tissues you wish to donate.
  • No, I do not want to become a donor.
  • My partner or family will decide after my death.
  • I designate a person to make this choice on my behalf.

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