Mental health services network

Mental health services network

Are you a provider of services that support internationals in coping with mental challenges? Are you interested to join a provider network, that allows internationals to look for services that are best suited for their situation?

If so, read on and complete this short survey, that will help us decide the viability of a mental health services network. Go to survey.

Why a mental health provider network

More than 50% of internationals of different backgrounds and languages,  face frequent mental challenges, that they attribute mostly to the strains of moving to and settling in another country. (Mental health survey H4i, 2019). Covid-19, for sure, has not improved this situation.

Following the 2019 survey, H4i, a nonprofit network, has engaged in dialogues with internationals in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven to better understand causes and discuss potential solutions to prevent or alleviate these mental challenges.

Many of the participants were international professionals providing various forms of support to internationals. Here the idea was born to set up a provider network.

The provider network is one of the projects within the H4i program Mental health and Well-being for Internationals that has the following objectives:

  • Stakeholders: Create awareness amongst stakeholders for the challenges internationals are facing and have them play an active role in possible solutions
  • Prevention: Reduce the occurrence and impact of mental challenges internationals are experiencing
  • Empowerment: Facilitate prevention and treatment by the international community itself
  • Mental healthcare: Improve accessibility, capacity and skills of mental healthcare for internationals.

What would the provider network do?

First and foremost the network would provide internationals information about support services that would meet their needs and preferences.

These would be all types of services that could help internationals to cope with feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression, and so on. For example Yoga classes, dancing therapy, peer support initiatives, mental healthcare professionals. Most important is that these providers are interested and well-prepared to support internationals.

Also GP’s, student counsellors or job coaches may use the network to advise and refer their clients.

The network would offer information in a structured and easily accessible way.

Would you be interested to join?

Internationals who floated the idea of a network, suggested that it would not only help internationals to find suitable support. It would also enable providers to present their services to a broader audience of both internationals and other providers, that could refer their clients to other more appropriate support.

Therefore, we are now surveying interest amongst potential providers. With this we can detail the set-up and scope of the network, that would operate at minimal cost.

With the results of the survey we will then get back to you with a proposal of what the network will look like and what it takes to join.

Please let us know your thoughts on the Provider network, by taking this 3 minute survey.


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