Healthcare costs rise in 2022

Healthcare costs rise in 2022

Yesterday the Dutch government announced its budget for 2022. As in previous years insurance premiums will rise again, but the mandatory excess is expected to remain unchanged at 385 €.

The average increase is expected to be 3 € per month or about 2.5%. Insurance providers will announce their premiums no later than mid November.

Do internationals get value for their money?

We have researched this question many times over the past years and find that about 30% are satisfied about the healthcare services they receive in the Netherlands. A far cry from what it should be. The Dutch report about 85% of satisfaction.

How well are internationals informed about their healthcare options?

Internationals are entitled to the same information about Dutch healthcare as the Dutch. In an accessible and understandable way. The government, healthcare and insurance providers as well as private initiatives such as H4i do provide information in other languages, but is it sufficient?

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