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Become a member of the International Board

Dear international,
As you may know Healthcare for internationals (H4i) is a network of healthcare providers that aim to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs and expectations of internationals. Currently with members and projects in 6 different regions of the Netherlands.

Invitation to join the board

We strongly believe the International Community needs to be physically represented in the network. Thus we can have a stronger voice in “Closing the gap” that has been keeping the Dutch Healthcare System and Internationals distant for so long.

We are currently looking for strong-willed volunteers that would like to actively participate and create an International Board. We would love that its members represent cities/regions with a large number of international residents. (e.g Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Amsterdam, to name a few.)  And to make it even more representative of the actual variety of backgrounds enriching The Netherlands, we would be delighted if the members were from different countries of origin.

Do you fit the profile?

So if you are interested and fit the profile, contact us immediately so we can schedule a brief interview and start working towards a Nation Wide International Board that would better represent the interests and concerns of Internationals when it comes to Healthcare Services and Healthcare Providers.

H4i has been working very hard since it first started, back in 2016.    And now we are looking for you!  Who wants to join?

Stop doubting yourself!  Contact us today and make your voice heard!

Rebeca Guerra Martínez
(Read more about me and why I have volunteered)