Contributing to H4i

H4i welcomes feedback, suggestions and contributions from their international patients. You are invited to help H4i and its member healthcare practices to improve their services.

There are different ways H4i can involve internationals to improve healthcare services:

  1. Contribute to specific subjects, such as mental healthcare or perinatal care.
  2. Panels or focus groups. These may be online or involve occasional meetings.
  3. Surveys by a specific provider or a (regional) group of H4i providers to rate its services. H4i Qualified practices participate at least every 2 years in a H4i survey amongst its international patients.

Please use the form below to let us know how you would like to help H4i to improve their services. You will be contacted about specific options in your city.

If you just have a specific suggestion to or complaint about a H4i practice, you will first need to discuss this with your healthcare provider. Also check Your rights as a patient.