Finding another provider

There are various websites that provide an overview of healthcare providers in your area, though most are in Dutch only.

You can also ask other internationals, your employer or school, whether they can advise you on a provider in your area. The municipality or expat desk often have some sort of Welcome guide listing local healthcare providers.

Websites with healthcare providers

These websites can help you finding a healthcare provider, such as a General practitioner (Huisarts), Dentist (Tandarts), Physiotherapist (Fysiotherapeut), Pharmacy (Apotheek), Midwife (Verloskundige), Psychologist (Psycholoog).

Zorgkaart Nederland (in Dutch): search for professional or practice. It also provides reviews of providers listed.
Enter in Dutch what professional you are looking for, for instance ‘Huisarts’. You may add in the same search box (‘Zoeken’) your postal code and you will see a list of professionals in your area.

Kies uw huisarts (in Dutch): only to find a GP. Just enter your postal code.

In cities with many internationals there are practices that provide Mental Healthcare Services tailored to the needs of the International Community. Check for instance the ACCESS Counselling Service Network.

You may also check if a professional is officially registered in the BIG-register. A BIG registration is obligatory for many medical professionals and indicates that the professional meets the legal quality requirements and is allowed to exercise his or her profession. Check the register (in Dutch).