H4i Perinatal healthcare

If you want to know how Perinatal care is organized in the Netherlands, you may check out these pages first.

H4i practices are making an effort to close the gap between Dutch healthcare and the needs and expectations of internationals.

They have educated their professionals to understand the healthcare needs of different nationalities and cultures, their staff speak English fluently (and often other languages as well) and all information is provided in English. When required they also spend extra time in consultation to understand your particular needs and help you navigate Dutch healthcare. Members of H4i also liaise with the community to get feedback on the services they provide.

H4i certifies to what extent a member fulfills above requirements by awarding the H4i Qualified Practice predicate. The services of members with a Qualified Practice label (indicated with an *) are periodically reviewed by international patients registered at this Healthcare practice. Members that are currently developing or testing services, are not yet meeting all the requirements.

Midwifery practice Eindhoven*

Are you pregnant? First off, let us congratulate you! This is the start of a special period and step-by-step you will prepare yourself for the moment that your little miracle is born. We would like to guide you through this process. However, you can also come to us when you have the desire to have children or you are looking for a midwife for maternity care after your delivery.

When you are an international or expat living in the Netherlands we know that there are quite some differences between receiving health care here and the care you have received in your home country. We take the time to explain what you can expect and to understand your needs. Feel free to come see us on a no strings attached basis. We believe that the proverbial ‘click’ is important.


Maternity services VDA Eindhoven*

"We could list plenty of reasons to explain why we think we can provide the right care for you and your new baby: we can help you feel safe – to us, you’re not just a number. Immediately after your registration, you (and your partner) will be on our radar. We will make sure we always know your current situation so you aren’t told something, or have something explained, more than necessary. We will treat all your information as confidential. Everything will be taken care of!

Our care coordinators are your “busybodies”. They know everyone you might need and will make sure you don’t need to worry about your maternity care. Your care coordinator will find you the right assistant, the one who is best suited to you and your family situation. Your maternity care will be provided as much as possible at the times that suit you best. Moreover, we try to ensure that the same maternity assistant cares for you during your maternity period; we will only send another maternity assistant if the circumstances are beyond our control".