In case of Emergency

In the case of a life-threatening emergency call 112.

This will give you access to all emergency services: medical, police and fire brigade.

Other urgent matters

For other, non-life-threatening, emergencies during office hours, first call your GP. The GP’s office will have a separate emergency number or a voice response system that will give you immediate access.

If you call your doctor’s practice after hours the answering machine will tell you (often in Dutch) how to reach the doctor on duty in your area.  Pharmacies also have this procedure during off hours.

'Huisartsen post'

In many cities there is a central office (Centrale Huisartsen Post). This is where doctors, in their turn, work on call during off hours. This service can only be used in the case of an urgent medical situation that cannot wait until regular office hours. Your GP should tell you how to reach this ‘huisartsenpost’ but you can also Google the number for your area.

Your GP will explain to you how this all works during your first visit, if not make sure to ask.

This subtitled video will tell you more about the 'huisartsenpost (HAP)'.

Mental crisis

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, contact your General Practitioner (GP) or the Huisartsen post immediately. The GP will contact the local Crisis Intervention Team (available 24/7) if necessary.

If the crisis involves someone with suicidal thoughts, you can also contact 0900-0113, an anonymous helpline.