PEP International

Talk to someone who gets you.

The primary focus of PEP International are international students, expats as well as their children and clients with a different cultural background.

We are a team of international therapists who are specialized in conducting therapy in Dutch, English, German and Turkish. French and Greek will soon be added.

Being expatriates ourselves combined with our psychological expertise, we have a deep understanding about the circumstances for internationals that can potentially lead to (additional) distress. This special mix puts us in the position to offer you a highly effective therapy, tailored to your living situation.

What do we offer?

Short and effective psychotherapeutic treatments (BGGZ) for common psychological issues. We are furthermore specialized in offering support for problems especially seen in expats and internationals, as for example psychological reactions to occupational stress. Additionally, we also offer longer treatments (SGGZ) for more complicated issues or if more support is needed. Next to psychotherapeutic treatment we also offer diagnostic services for example to conduct Autism Spectrum Disorder or AD(H)D assessments.

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