What is DigiD

DigiD stands for Digital identification and is a tool that you will come across in The Netherlands rather sooner than later. If you want to use the digital services of health insurance providers, healthcare providers, pharmacies and national, regional or local governmental organisations you are very likely required to use DigiD. Therefore, you are advised to apply for DigiD upon arrival.

Using DigiD to get access to digital services

With your DigiD, you can identify yourself online.  It is like a digital version of your passport or driving licence. The DigiD consists of a username and password that are linked to your citizen service number (BSN). When you log in to digital services of, for instance, a health insurance provider or the tax authorities, you are first routed to the DigiD server, that will check your identity.

It is advised that you always opt for 2-step authorization. You can do that on a case by case basis, but also make 2-step the default for all your logons when applying for or managing your Digid account.  2-step authorization means that after entering your username and password, an authorization code will be sent to your mobile phone by SMS (text message), that you will need to enter to complete your logon. Alternatively you can use the DigiD app for this.

As soon as you have completed the DidiD logon procedure will be granted access to the digital services of your provider.

At the DigiD site there is extensive  information in English about DigiD and its security options.

The DigiD logon screens are in Dutch only, however. Here you’ll find a good introduction to DigiD in English and a few other languages.