Internationals award SGE International an 8 out of 10

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SGE International, founder and member of Healthcare for internationals, recently conducted a survey to assess to what extent it is fulfilling the needs and expectations of the internationals registered at SGE International (SGEiLogo SGE).

The results of this survey have now been analysed and we are very pleased that they show that:

  • 73% of patients of SGEi (strongly) agree with the statement that they trust their GP knows the best treatment and that they feel confident in his or her care.
  • 83% of respondents feel that the needs and expectations of internationals have been taken into account in the set-up of SGEi and its services.
  • internationals award SGEi on average an 8 (on a scale of 10) and are (very) likely to recommend SGEi to other internationals.

Compared with surveys of internationals that do not have the benefit of healthcare services designed for internationals, we can say that we have come a long way in closing the gap between the needs of internationals and Dutch healthcare.

You can find a detailed report of the survey here.

Though SGEi is very happy with these results, there certainly is room for further improvement. Almost 200 observations and suggestions were received that help SGEi to further improve its services.