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Newsletter April 2017

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Healthcare services for internationals in Groningen

In mill-1707255_1280Groningen, Studentarts will start to extend its services to better meet needs of internationals. Studentarts is working together with the International Welcome Center North (IWCNand H4i. Studentarts is already serving many international students, but will now, starting in July, also welcome international families.
Research amongst the more than 15.000 internationals in the region, showed that more than half of them did not trust Dutch doctors. Since 2010 Studentarts is offering healthcare to students of the University of Groningen and the Hanzehogeschool, many of which are international. Studentarts will now further extend its services to international employees and their families, taking into account their specific needs.

Healthcare provider ZON-BOOG of Rotterdam joins H4i

Since Zorg op Noord (ZON) and BOOG merged last year, ZON-BOOG rotterdam-1829392_1280is the largest provider of primary healthcare  services in Rotterdam with a total of 9 healthcare centers in and around Rotterdam.
ZON-BOOG is one of the parties developing a plan with the city of Rotterdam for Healthcare for internationals. ZON was already already involved at the very beginning of H4i, but now the organisation has become a member of the network H4i.


Internationals award SGE International an 8 out of 10

SGE International, founder and member of H4i,  recently conducted a survey to assess to what extent it is fulfilling the needs and expectations of the internationals registered at SGE International (SGEi). The results of this survey have now been processed and analysed and we are very pleased that they show that:

  • 73% of patients of SGEi (strongly) agree with the statement that they trust their GP knows the best treatment and that they feel confident in his or her care.
  • 83% of respondents feel that the needs and expectations of internationals have been taken into account in the set-up of SGEi and its services.
  • internationals award SGEi on average an 8 (on a scale of 10) and are (very) likely to recommend SGEi to other internationals.

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Economic Board Utrecht and H4i researched needs international community

UtrechtThe Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) and H4i conducted a survey amongst the internationals working and living in and around Utrecht. Results were similar to those in other regions; less than 30% say they trust the diagnosis and treatment of their GP.
EBU and H4i are now engaging Healthcare providers to develop services that better meet the needs of internationals.


KIT supports Healthcare for internationals

KIT Intercultural professionals and KIT Health have an in-depth knowledge of KIT-logohealth care systems around the world and intercultural communication and understanding. The institute provides consultancy services and training on, amongst others, the delivery of healthcare in an international setting and intercultural understanding and communications between healthcare professionals and their international patients. Read more about KIT and the training program developed for H4i.