Newsletter December 2017

Newsletter December 2017
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Highlights 2017

Survey on needs internationals for preventive Healthcare

H4i and SGE International have jointly researched the needs of internationals for preventive healthcare. It appears that internationals are looking for a broad range of facilities and services, amongst which: better access to sports and fitness facilities, healthy food and nutritional advice, lifestyle coaching and regular preventive healthchecks. Two thirds of internationals is willing to pay for these services. In 2018 this will be worked out together with partners and internationals. Read more…

Kraamzorg VDA joins H4i

Kraamzorg (maternity care) VDA Eindhoven has decided to join Healthcare for internationals (H4i). The contract will be signed in January. Kraamzorg VDA works with ZuidZorg JGZ, midwifery practice Kinderrijk and SGE International to have perinatal care better meet the needs and expectations of internationals. Read more…

Health insurance for internationals

H4i has closed an agreement with LoonZorg, an organization that offers a variety of health insurances, specifically for internationals. Under this agreement LoonZorg supports H4i, thus enabling healthcare providers that are members to improve and expand their services for internationals. LoonZorg health insurances may be of interest to various groups of internationals. Read more….¬†

2017, looking back

H4i looks back to a successful year 2017 with project in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen en Twente. Research amongst patients of SGE International showed that the now almost 3000 registered internationals award the center 8 points out of 10. In other cities there is interest to make healthcare better accessible to internationals and thus improve the attractiveness of their region. A publication in medical journal Medisch Contact (in Dutch) raised interest of healthcare providers across the country. In October H4i had its first general assembly.

General practioners Utrecht investigate joint approach


GP’s of Utrecht (HUS) and healthcare provider SGU are investigating with Healthcare for internationals ways to have healthcare better meet the needs of over 20.000 internationals living in the city. Together with the health authorities it is discussed how also internationals that are asylum seekers can be made to feel at home in Dutch healthcare once they receive a residence permit.