Increase of Dutch health insurance premium for 2019

Increase of Dutch health insurance premium for 2019

Today, 18 September, the Dutch government presents its policy and budget for the year 2019. One important aspect is the expected increase of the healthcare insurance premium. You will likely face an increase of 10 euros per month on average.

The government expects the annual basic premium to be around 1432 euros for 2019. This is 124 euros more than this year. This will be given as a guideline for health insurance companies, which determine their rates themselves in the autumn. Next to the monthly premium you also contribute to the cost of Healthcare as a result of your mandatory excess (deductable) and personal contributions.

Why this increase

According to national government, the health insurance premium is increasing for five reasons: firstly, due to economic growth, wages and prices are rising in healthcare.

Furthermore, the premium was overestimated last year and therefore also the contribution by pensioners, entrepreneurs, and employers. This must be rectified by raising the healthcare premium for the coming year.

Thirdly, healthcare costs (without wages and prices) are also growing. This includes extra care provided to the aging population, new or better treatments and medical aids or more expensive medicines that have been added to the basic package.

In addition, since 2015 the financing of district nursing has gradually been transferred to health insurance. Before, the government had more responsibility in this service.

Finally, the premium rises a bit extra for everyone because next year there is no change in the deductible/excess (‘eigen risico’). The government coalition has agreed that the maximum compulsory deductible will be frozen during this cabinet period at € 385 per year.

It is likely that premiums will further increase in the coming years.

This will affect all people living in the Netherlands, so also internationals, as Dutch healthcare insurance is mandatory for most people living and working in the Netherlands.

How to lower your healthcare cost

From the end of September until November 12, health insurers will announce their health insurance premiums for the next year. You may then opt to switch to a policy with a lower premium. You can find the information and the premiums for 2019 on the website of your health insurance company. Or you can compare the Dutch insurers here.

The Dutch government also offers a healthcare benefit and tax deductible for those with low incomes or very high costs of healthcare.

On our H4i page on healthcare insurance, you can read more and in our next newsletters we will provide more information about insurance premiums for 2019 and the possibility to change your policy and insurance provider before year end.
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