Understanding ‘Eigen Risico’

Understanding ‘Eigen Risico’

The concept of 'Eigen Risico' puzzles many internationals. It translates as 'own risk', but is in English mostly referred to as excess or deductible. But what is it and how does it affect what you pay for Dutch healthcare?

In this article we explain Eigen Risico (excess) as it applies to the Dutch Basic Health Insurance, that is mandatory for most internationals. Eigen Risico is:

  • the maximum amount of costs you have to pay per year for healthcare products and services (covered by this insurance) that you use that year, with two exceptions (see below)
  • set at 385 € (2018 and 2019), but you can increase this level to a total of € 885. Check, however if it is wise to do so.
  • in most cases charged to you by the insurance company when you have used healthcare products and services, that count towards your annual excess (see below). In case you have paid for services or products yourself, your insurance will acknowledge your claim, but not refund you until you have reached your annual excess.

Costs you always have to pay

Exceptions to the maximum excess are costs that you always have to pay, even if you have reached your annual excess:

  • For some products and  services you will have to pay Personal Contributions.
  • If you have an In-kind ('Natura') policy and you go to a healthcare provider that is  not contracted by your Insurance provider, you may have to  pay part of the cost out of your own pocket.

Costs that are always covered

The costs for the following services are always fully covered. They do not count towards your excess:

  • Consultations at your GP’s office.
  • Natal and Maternity care, although some Personal Contributions apply.
  • All care for children younger than 18 years, including the Dental Care Package.

Total cost of healthcare

The annual costs that you incur for using Dutch healthcare discussed above, obviously are not the only cost you will have. You always pay

  • premiums for your Basic Health Insurance or any Supplementary Health insurance you have taken out, even if you don't need any healthcare in a given year.
  • costs for healthcare products and services that are not covered by Basic health Insurance or a Supplementary insurance.

December 31st at the latest you can make changes to your health insurance to lower your costs or increase your coverage. Read this Newsletter about your options.

Read more about the cost of healthcare, health insurance and excess, including examples of how this is calculated.

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