2019 changes to basic health insurance

2019 changes to basic health insurance

2019 has started. Maybe you cancelled your health insurance policy just before the new year, maybe you didn’t. Anyway, now that the dust has settled it is time to have a look at how coverage of the basic health insurance, as determined by the health authorities, has changed in 2019.

Changes in coverage

The following changes apply in 2019:

  • Combined lifestyle Intervention (GLI): GP’s can now refer people with moderate health risks as result of overweight, to this program. The GLI focuses on acquiring and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Hospital transport: The cost of transport (not by ambulance) to and from the clinic for consultation, medical examination and checks are now covered, if they are associated with the treatment. Before, only transport was reimbursed if the patient had to undergo treatment.
  • COPD exercise therapy: is now reimbursed from the first treatment. Before patients had to pay the first 20 treatments themselves. However, there will be a maximum number of treatments that will be reimbursed. In the first year of treatment this is a maximum of 70. In the years thereafter, the number of treatments depends on the severity of the COPD.
  • Paracetamol 1000 mg, vitamin D and calcium are no longer covered. These medicines can be bought at a pharmacy or drugstore without a prescription.
  • Personal contribution for medication capped at €250: Your personal contribution for medication will be no more than 250 € a year. Above this level your health insurer will cover these costs. Please note that a personal contribution is not the same as excess ('eigen risico'), which remains at € 385 in 2019.

Healthcare benefit

To offset the increase in monthly premiums, the healthcare benefit has been increased. This allowance is available for internationals with lower incomes and having a residence permit.

Note: Always check with your health Insurance provider what other changes in conditions may have been applied.

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