Survey: Giving birth in the Netherlands

Survey: Giving birth in the Netherlands

The Netherlands prides itself on having one of the best perinatal care systems in the world. However, the support and care given to young women through pregnancy and giving birth, may be quite different from what internationals are used to in their home country.

Healthcare for internationals (H4i) is currently researching the experiences that internationals have (or have had) with Dutch perinatal care. The outcomes will help healthcare providers to better meet the needs and expectations of internationals.

Perinatal care is the care a women and her (unborn) baby receive during pregnancy, when giving birth and in the first days after the baby is born, as well as, for the purpose of this survey, the care the child receives at the Youth Healthcare Clinic ('Consultatiebureau') during the first 4 years.

Please take this survey if you have experience with Dutch perinatal care and receive(d) care from a midwife, maternity nurse or youth healthcare clinic.

About H4i: Healthcare for international (H4i) is a nonprofit organization that aims to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs and expectations of internationals living in The Netherlands. At H4i also provides extensive information about Dutch healthcare and health insurance. Internationals have an important voice in setting the priorities of the network.


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