Rabobank supports H4i

Rabobank supports H4i

Arranging all your financial needs in a new country can be overwhelming and stressful. A new environment, a new culture, and different habits. In order to help internationals in the Netherlands with their specific questions and needs, Rabobank has set up a specialized expatriate service: the Rabo Expat Desk.

Rabobank offers a wide range of financial products and services, including bank accounts, insurances, mortgages and international banking services. Next to the Rabo Expat desks in there are more than a eighty local Rabobanks in the Netherland.

Rabobank contributes to the long-term growth of individuals, sectors and society as a whole. Rabobank is active throughout the entire healthcare chain and invests with knowledge, network and investments in the transformation of healthcare in the Netherlands, so that the unique accessibility, quality and affordability are preserved.

That is why Rabobank also supports Healthcare for internationals and its efforts to better align Dutch healthcare with the needs of internationals. This allows the right care to be given in the right place.

Read more about Rabobank and its services and contact the nearest Rabo Expat Desk.



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