Quitting smoking proving tougher than you thought?

Quitting smoking proving tougher than you thought?

Have you been planning to stop smoking for ages? Was it one of your New Year’s resolutions, but is it harder than you anticipated?
Some people manage to quit smoking without help, but the chances of quitting for good are greater with a little support.

Stop smoking support programs are covered

Stop smoking programs are covered by the Dutch basic health insurance. As of the beginning of 2020 the costs of these programs are no longer deducted from your excess (Eigen Risico – ‘own risk’). You do however have to meet a few conditions.

Licensed coach

You’ll have to seek counseling from a licensed coach. This may be a specialized coach or your GP, although not all GPs offer this. You can use this map (in Dutch) to find out what help is available in your area, but you can also check with your GP. Details of coverage differ between health insurance providers. You’ll find the conditions in this overview (in Dutch).

This news item is a translation of a post by The information is not intended to replace a consultation with a GP. For personal advice, please contact your GP. Please read our disclaimer.

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