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Program Mental health and wellbeing for internationals

In 2019 Healthcare for internationals conducted a survey on the mental wellbeing of internationals. First results show that more than 50% of internationals living in The Netherlands experience mental challenges, such as frequently feeling lonely, anxious or depressed. 70% relates these feelings directly to moving to and settling in another country.

Less than 20% of those experiencing issues seek professional help, 80% try to overcome these issues on their own or with the help of friends and family. Only 30% of those who have (had) frequent  mental challenges say that they have overcome those without professional help or expect to do so.


In the fall of last year we had dialogues with internationals in Eindhoven, Utrecht and Amsterdam on the subject.

This not only gave us a better understanding of the issues internationals are facing, but also resulted in valuable suggestions on possible solutions.

As one of the participants put it: “Many internationals believe they are the only ones feeling lonely or depressed. We’ve got to tell them ‘It is OK not to be OK!’”


All ideas and suggestions have found their way into a H4i program called Mental Health and Well-being for Internationals. This program focusses on both prevention and mental healthcare solutions. The program seeks to include key stakeholders, such as companies, schools,  welcome centers and of course the international community itself.

It aims to develop information packs, education programs, online mental healthcare solutions  and a network of mental healthcare professionals and other support resources.

If you are interested to be involved in providing mental healthcare or support to (other) internationals let us know here.

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