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Interested in a Dutch healthcare job?

This year we have learned how much our healthcare system is dependent on a few critical resources. We always took for granted that when we got ill, there would be professionals, medication and equipment to cure us.

Medical staff shortages

Scarcity of medical personnel has been a challenge since long before the current crisis, as many internationals have learned who were not able to register with a GP.

Early this year H4i started a project together with Health Innovation School Noord-Brabant (HIS) to invite internationals with a background in healthcare to join Dutch healthcare.

Introduction program working in Dutch healthcare

Preliminary results show that quite a few internationals are interested in working in Dutch healthcare. The project team has now joined forces with third parties to propose a pilot introduction program for internationals. This program aims to prepare internationals for a job in Dutch healthcare as well as provide them with an initial position at a healthcare facility

This program is developed together with Spijtenburg, a well-known recruiting agency for professionals in healthcare.

Language course

In order to register as a healthcare professional in the Netherlands you need to obtain a B1 level (or higher) Dutch Language Certificate. Therefore you will be provided with a language course, if you are not yet in possession of such a certificate.

Personal mentor

Spijtenburg will provide you with a personal mentor, who will be available at all times to help you with any and all professional, administrative and language challenges you may face, because we strongly believe that happy employees deliver better results. Where could this be more important than in healthcare?

Getting a job

Internationals that complete the program will be offered an initial position at a healthcare facility.

How to apply

Are you a professional with a background in healthcare and have we awoken your interest? We would love to guide you along your path to becoming a healthcare professional in the Netherlands. Please let us know here.

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