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Migrant workers and their access Dutch healthcare

The Netherlands is home to over 1.1 million internationals. Healthcare for internationals (H4i) aims to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs of this large community. We do so in two ways: Firstly, care providers in the H4i network try to improve accessibility for internationals. Secondly, H4i helps internationals to navigate the Dutch healthcare system with information at its website

However, a large group of internationals, who are not proficient in the English language, are not being sufficiently reached. This concerns some 500,000 migrant workers living and working in the Netherlands. These are mainly internationals working in agriculture, industry or distribution, originating from Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries.


This group was hit hard by the Covid pandemic in the spring of 2020. Their working and living conditions made them vulnerable to contamination.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) has set up a special team that is soon to make recommendations regarding the improvement of living conditions for migrant workers. Access to healthcare will be an important factor.


H4i has received funding from the province of Noord-Brabant to conduct research amongst migrant workers. This study is part of a larger project aimed at strengthening the healthcare ecosystem in the province. The results are also relevant for the care of migrant workers in other parts of the Netherlands.

The study is conducted online by research agency WiseUp. There will be further research amongst care providers. Are you a migrant worker, or do you know any migrant workers? The button below provides access to the survey (in five languages).

Improving access for migrant workers

In 2021, H4i will collaborate with care providers in western Brabant as well as with other stakeholders to examine the results of the study and the recommendations of the SZW team. Together, we will develop these into concrete proposals for improvement.

If you are a healthcare provider and interested in this project, please contact us.

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