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Prevention: A toolkit for universities and companies.

Over 50% of internationals in the Netherlands suffer from mental health problems, so shows a study conducted by Healthcare for internationals last year.

70% of these internationals relate their problems directly to their move to another country. Also see this earlier article.

H4i has started a program entitled Mental Health and Wellbeing for Internationals, aimed at the prevention of mental health problems, as well as improvement of accessibility of mental healthcare for this particular group.

Companies and universities

Organisations who work with a lot of internationals can do much to prevent negative emotions related to issues such as moving, settling into a new environment, a new language and a new job from developing into mental health problems.

Many internationals are ashamed of such emotions, struggle to cope with them and are at risk of getting stuck in a vicious circle.

An important aspect is to offer information to newcomers as to what to expect during their first few months, as well as ways of dealing with problems that might arise.


H4i has entered into dialogue with a number of companies and universities to determine how this information might be made available and which information, help or support (online or otherwise) should be on offer.

Internationals who still develop mental health problems should be offered guidance in finding the right care as a standard part of this toolkit. The H4i network contains several mental healthcare providers who can offer suitable care for internationals.


Do contact us if you are interested in this ’toolkit’.

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