Healthy employees in a vital organization

Healthy employees in a vital organization

A constantly changing world requires that companies adapt to their challenges. Be it climate change, globalization or the current pandemic, organizations need to keep changing to meet the expectations of their customers and society as a whole.

Rabobank, one of the largest banks in the Netherlands and a cooperative with a mission of growing a better world together, was one of early adapters in its focus on sustainable growth.

One of their recent initiatives tackles the global CO2 challenge and enhances farmers’ businesses by a tech-driven solution for carbon sequestration.

Moreover the bank realized that a vital and agile organization needs vital employees to remain creative, flexible and on top of its game.

Over 3.000 internationals work at Rabobank

With over 40.000 employees this is a challenging task. Rapid changes in the business of banking, competition and unexpected events such as the current pandemic, demand a lot of an organization and its employees. Corona adds to this, especially for the more than 3000 internationals at Rabobank, that live far from home and relatives. These stressors should never lead to burn-out or absenteeism, however.

This is easier said than done. 1,2 mln people in the Netherlands experience chronical stress and burn-out related complaints. More than 50% of internationals in the Netherlands experience frequent mental challenges, such as feelings of anxiety or depression.

One of the strategic pillars of Rabobank’s people strategy: employee well-being

With all this in mind, Rabobank established Rabo Wellbeing. It supports Rabobank employees in managing the challenges of their job, maintain a healthy work-life balance and generally keep fit and energetic. Employees are given access to extensive information, tools and support.

Kimberly Schelle, Area Lead Employee Wellbeing at Rabo, explains: “Rabo employees, for instance, have access to an external well-being coach that can provide support and advice in all matters related to well-being and personal energy, working from home, worrying, young parents or mid-life issues”.

Rabo Wellbeing works on new rituals, simple but effective practices that help employees to stay energized during and after the workday. For instance to shorten all internal meetings with 5-10 minutes, creating a few minutes to re-energize before the next meeting.

In its planning of the program, Rabo Wellbeing regularly and anonymously surveys the ‘level of well-being’ of its employees.

Value for internationals

A deep dive in the Wellbeing surveys within Rabobank indicated that English speaking participants (potential internationals) reported higher levels of wellbeing than Dutch speaking participants, suggesting that mental challenges are not that common amongst internationals at Rabobank. Of course all Wellbeing related information and services are also available in English for its international employees. In its Mental Health and Well-being program, Healthcare for internationals will use the Rabo wellbeing approach as an example in the toolkit for organizations with many internationals.

Read more about Rabo Wellbeing.

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