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First internationals employed in Dutch healthcare

There has been a shortage of nursing staff for years. The corona crisis has further increased the pressure on these professionals.

At the beginning of last year, H4i therefore started a project together with the Health Innovation School Noord-Brabant to enable internationals with a background in healthcare to participate in the Dutch healthcare system as professionals.

Internationals in care

This project led to the set-up of Internationals in Care (IICare), a program that aims to give internationals with a background in healthcare a warm welcome in Dutch healthcare. Together with partners, IICare is developing a personal step-by-step plan for internationals aimed at sustainable employability in Dutch healthcare.

First six international nurses at work

For nurses, this is carried out by partner Spijtenburg, which coaches candidates from intake to placement. Spijtenburg seeks cooperation with both the employing parties (care institutions) and the parties that are necessary to expertly coach the candidates in the field of language, culture and further training.

Coaching is tailor-made, depending on the level of entry and demand from the care institution. Today, the first 6 candidates have been placed at 4 different healthcare institutions.


However, the IICare programme is not primarily about solving a shortage of healthcare staff. The main objective is to increase the diversity within healthcare and thus to be able to offer better care to an increasing number of clients and patients with a different ethnic and cultural background.

This not only concerns nurses, but also other professionals who can make care better accessible to internationals, such as in general practice care or mental health care.

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