Access to your medical file and privacy protection

Your healthcare provider keeps your medical data. But you may always review your file. Your provider must also keep your personal information confidential and protect your privacy.

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Medical file ➜

In a medical dossier you will find all the data about your treatment, such as test results, X-rays, or (referral) letters to a specialist or GP. Your provider is obliged to keep this medical file up…

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Right of Access ➜

You have the right to access your medical file, with the exception of the information that does not apply to you. Health care providers involved in your treatment also have the right to view data from…

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Confidentiality ➜

Healthcare providers are obliged to keep your medical data confidential. They may only share it with other healthcare providers that are directly involved in your treatment. You may however object to this exchange. Providers may only…

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Privacy ➜

You are entitled to privacy during a consultation with your healthcare provider. The conversation must take place in a room where other people cannot hear you.