Newsletter Spring 2019

Newsletter Spring 2019

More than 50% of internationals face mental health issues

Healthcare for internationals recently conducted a survey on the mental well being of internationals. First results show that more than 50% of internationals living in The Netherlands experience mental challenges, such as frequently feeling lonely, anxious or depressed. 70% relates these feelings directly to moving to and settling in another country.

Less than 20% of those experiencing issues seek professional help, 80% try to overcome these issues on their own or with the help of friends and family. Only 30% of those who have (had) frequent  mental challenges say that they have overcome those without professional help or expect to do so.

In the coming months H4i will work with mental healthcare professionals and the international community to get a better understanding of what can be done to better support internationals in coping with these issues.

U-Center joins Healthcare for internationals

Since March 1, U-center is member of ‘Healthcare for Internationals’ (H4i). On March 4, 2019, the directors of U-center (Ton Habets and Ingrid Weijnen) and H4i (Dirk Jan Frijling) signed the membership agreement.

U-center is a mental health centre that offers treatments for people with mental health disorders and addiction.

It is known that more than 50% of expats, experience psychological complaints as a result of moving to another country. For U-center, as a treatment centre for internationals, the H4i network is a great way to exchange knowledge and expertise and to use the network to further develop and improve the care for our international clients. Read more about U-Center.

GP Buckley becomes a H4i member

GP practice Buckley in Rotterdam has joined Healthcare for internationals. Miranda Buckley has practiced in the UK and on the Falkland Islands. Many internationals are already registered in her practice in Rotterdam-Noord (North). Buckley already cooperates in a number of areas with health center Rotterdam Noord of H4i member ZONBOOG.

H4i starts posting Thuisarts news for internationals

H4i has concluded an agreement with The Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG) on translating news items on the NHG Thuisarts site for the benefit of internationals in the Netherlands. A first message was shared last week on On the basis of this agreement H4i can provide the target group with information on health, disease and care, that would otherwise not reach it or only with difficulty. This usually concerns information specific to the Netherlands, such as warning against ticks or blue-green algae in swimming ponds, availability of medicines or vaccination campaigns.

Thuisarts is a NHG service with extensive information about health, illness and treatment. Thuisarts (literally 'Home doctor')  in consulted by 100.000 people daily. H4i and the NHG have the intention to make this information available in other languages as well and are seeking funding for this.

H4i present at 10-year anniversary of Expats Utrecht

On March 8 H4i Utrecht presented its plans at an event organized by Expats Utrecht to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of its Facebook group, which has over 20.000 members. After the the opening ceremony that included a speech by mayor Van Zanen, H4i spoke with internationals about Dutch healthcare and its plans in Utrecht. The about 500 party guest received a copy of the H4i brochure 'Helping you navigate Dutch Healthcare'.

International Board researches needs other language groups

In January the H4i International Board had its first meeting. The board, that has 12 international members from across The Netherlands, represents the international community and advises H4i on plans and priorities. As most research so far was done in English, the board decided to do a multilingual survey, to research the needs of those international that are not proficient in English. The survey is available in 6 languages, including Spanish, French and Arabic. Other languages are being planned, including Polish. Do the survey if you haven't done so and share it with other internationals.

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