31 Amsterdam Practices meet H4i criteria

31 Amsterdam Practices meet H4i criteria

Healthcare that meets the needs of internationals

Recently 14 GP practices of CHAGZ Amsterdam were awarded the predicate H4i Qualified practice.

GP drs. de Boer (l) of GP Practice Sarphatipark receives the H4i predicate from Dirk Jan Frijling of H4i

Together with the 17 health centers of SAG, a total of 31 centers across Amsterdam now offer services to internationals. CHAGZ and SAG are both members of Healthcare for internationals (H4i) a non-profit organization that aims to close the gap between Dutch healthcare and the needs of internationals.

You can locate these practices here.

H4i Qualified practices

A H4i Qualified Practice meets the criteria set forward by Healthcare for internationals (H4i) for better meeting the needs and expectations of internationals:

  • Professionals at this practice take the time to get acquainted with their international patients and help them find their way in Dutch healthcare
  • Professionals of this practice completed a special training program.
  • Professionals of this practice are proficient in English.
  • Information provided by this practice is made available in English.
  • This practice welcomes suggestions and feedback from its international patients.
  • This practice participates every 2 years in a H4i survey amongst international patients and uses its results to further improve its services.

Help these practices to improve its services

These practices welcome feedback and suggestions from their international patients. You are invited to help these practices to improve their services. There are various ways that you can be involved. Please let us know if you are willing to do so.

Join us at the Expat Family Market, Sunday, May 19th in Amsterdam

At this market many other vendors and providers with a heart for the international community will present their services and products. Children are most welcome. Healthcare for internationals will be there to tell you all about Dutch healthcare and our H4i Qualified practices in Amsterdam and in other regions.

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