Working in Dutch healthcare?

Working in Dutch healthcare?

Survey by the Health Innovation School and H4i

The past months we have learned how much our healthcare system is dependent on a few critical resources. We always took for granted that when we got ill, there would be professionals, medication and equipment to cure us.

At the apex of the Covid-19 crisis we have seen, that these resources have been stretched way over their limit. Only by the hard work and ingenuity of our medical workers and many others we were able to prevent the darkest scenario of people dying because they could not be properly cared for.

Medical staff shortages

Scarcity of medical personnel has been a challenge long before the current crisis, as many internationals have learned who were not able to register with a GP.

Early this year H4i started a project together with the Health Innovation School Noord-Brabant (HIS) to have internationals with a background (or interest) in healthcare join Dutch healthcare.


In the past years we have met more than a few internationals that had a strong interest to work in Dutch healthcare, but were put off by the many hurdles they encountered.

Says Monique Cooijman of the  HIS project team: “We are looking at ways to make this process easier. This would not only result in additional capacity but also in more diversity in the medical workforce, that would benefit both international patients and Dutch multicultural society”.


As part of this project the HIS project team has started a survey to learn if internationals are interested to work in Dutch healthcare, or already do so. The team is curious which hurdles internationals have encountered and why they are motivated to join Dutch healthcare or why not.

Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey. Also internationals without a specific background or interest in healthcare are invited to respond.

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