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Dealing with anxiety and stress

We are all afraid of things sometimes. Fear is part of life. After all, it has a useful, protective function too. Fear warns us of danger and focuses us in certain situations. In these times of Corona, fear can intensify, especially in expats who may not have lived in the Netherlands for long. Sometimes, fear can last for longer periods of time and start to negatively impact your daily life.

It may even occur that the fear becomes so great, often leading to avoidance behaviour, that it becomes difficult to function in society. This is when we speak of an anxiety disorder.


There are several treatments available to tackle an anxiety disorder. Cognitive behavioural therapy is the most important method of overcoming anxiety and breaking patterns of avoidance.

Additional interventions consist of body oriented treatments, expressive therapies and lifestyle changes. There are often underlying problems that influence the anxiety disorder.

Psychotherapeutic treatment centre U-center pays attention to all of these factors through individual conversation, group therapy, partner relationship therapy and system therapy. The treatment takes place in a regular team with multiple practitioners, and is tailored to your specific situation. For more information, click here.

Many internationals experience psychological complaints

It is known that over 50 % of expats experience psychological complaints as a result of moving to another country. For U-center, as a treatment center that also focuses on internationals, Healthcare for Internationals is a great way of sharing knowledge and expertise, in order to improve and expand care for these clients in the Netherlands. We stand for high quality treatment of internationals/expats in their own language using our expertise of problems related to migration. We are helped by the fact that we employ a number of expats and migrants.

Webinars: see how we can help

U-center has recently started to organise webinars. With the ease, safety and privacy of staying at home, you can access all of the information. During the webinar, you can chat live with our professionals. Would you like more information on U-center? Then apply here.

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