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H4i launches App for migrant workers

Migrant workers feel badly informed about Dutch healthcare. They often don’t know where to turn in case of health problems. This was showed by a study performed by H4i and health insurer HollandZorg.

The saying ‘people fear what they don’t understand’ appears to apply here: less well informed migrants tend to have less faith in the Dutch doctors and their diagnoses. Luckily, the opposite also applies: migrant workers who feel well-informed trust the GP more and feel safer in the Dutch healthcare system.

Online ‘guide’ for Polish and Romanian migrants

This is why H4i developed an online ‘guide’ to healthcare, optimised for smartphone use. This guide can be accessed through an icon on the home screen and helps the user to find their way in Dutch healthcare.

The user can find answers in Polish, Romanian, English and Dutch to their questions about how to access care, the role of the GP, where to get medication, health insurance and much more.

Use in practice

Migrant workers in the pilot in West-Brabant are made aware of the online guide by their employers. GP Practice H4i Limburg also refers registered migrant workers to the guide for any general information.

Share this App

Anyone dealing with migrant workers and their questions about Dutch Healthcare can refer them to this information. Feedback via is much appreciated.

Go to the online guide at


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