Newsletter Autumn 2020

Newsletter Autumn 2020

Access to healthcare you can trust is a basic human right. So is reliable information about health, disease and healthcare services. H4i is striving to make sure that more than 1.1 million internationals in the Netherlands get both.

This newsletter focusses on these two topics: healthcare information and access…not only if you are a patient, but also as an international health professional interested to work in Dutch healthcare.


Preventing mental health problems in internationals: A toolkit for universities and companies.

Over 50% of internationals in the Netherlands suffer from mental health problems, so shows a study conducted by Healthcare for internationals last year. 70% of these internationals relate their problems directly to their move to another country. Also see this earlier article.

H4i has started a program entitled Mental Health and Wellbeing for Internationals, aimed at the prevention of mental health problems, as well as improvement of accessibility of mental healthcare for this particular group.

Companies and universities which work with a lot of internationals can do much to prevent mental health problems....... Article continues

New U-center facility meets increased international demand

By U-center

This summer, U-center opened a second treatment center, especially for international clients. U-center aims to provide quality care to more people with psychological problems and addictions.

U-center is a mental health center that offers treatments for people with multiple mental health disorders and addiction. When previous health care solutions do not offer a sustainable result, U-center offers a new perspective. Article continues.....

How effective is online therapy

By Kühler & Trooster

Online therapy, also known as e-therapy, involves providing mental health services and support over the internet. This can occur through email, text messaging, video conferencing, online chat, messaging or (internet) phone.

There are different variations of online therapy, ranging from unguided (no communication with therapist) to guided (communication with therapist) and from a-synchronic (for example e-mail contact and online modules with therapist feedback) to synchronic contact (video calling, phone consultation).  Article continues....

GPinfo, medical information for internationals

At the end of September this year, the NHG (Dutch College of General Practitioners) launched GPinfo, an English language pilot version of immensely popular website

This pilot is being executed in close collaboration with Healthcare for internationals and offers roughly 35 medical and non-medical topics in English. Article continues...

Migrant workers and their access Dutch healthcare

The Netherlands is home to over 1.1 million internationals. Healthcare for internationals (H4i)  aims to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs of this large community. We do so in two ways: Firstly, care providers in the H4i network try to improve accessibility for internationals. Secondly, H4i helps internationals to navigate the Dutch healthcare system through its website

However, a large group of internationals, who are not proficient in the English language, are not being sufficiently reached. This concerns some 500,000 migrant workers living and working in the Netherlands.

H4i is conducting research amongst migrant workers as a first step to improve healthcare access for these internationals. Read full article.... 

Interested in a Dutch healthcare job?

This year we have learned how much our healthcare system is dependent on a few critical resources. We always took for granted that when we got ill, there would be professionals, medication and equipment to cure us.

Scarcity of medical personnel has been a challenge since long before the current crisis, as many internationals have learned who were not able to register with a GP. Early this year H4i started a project together with the Health Innovation School Noord-Brabant (HIS) to have internationals with a background in healthcare join Dutch healthcare.

Introduction program

Preliminary results show that quite a few internationals are interested to join Dutch healthcare. Together with third parties the project team is now proposing a pilot introduction program for internationals.

This program aims to prepare internationals for a job in Dutch healthcare and provide them with an initial position at a healthcare facility. Read more…..

Changing your health insurance?

By 12 November at the latest, all health insurance companies will have announced their premiums for 2021. As of that same date, it is possible to switch to another health insurer at January 1st.

Substantial increase in health insurance premiums

Insurance company DSW, traditionally the first to announce its premium, has already increased its premium by €6.50 per month, considerably more than .... Read more....

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